SIM Goals

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Goals of the Plan and SIM

The CNMI plans to utilize State Innovation Model (SIM) program funds to support improvements in the health care system.  The CNMI was awarded $750,000 under the SIM Round Two Model Design grant. Grants funds will be used to accomplish the following aims

  1.  Develop a population health framework to inform the health system transformation efforts;

  2.  Identify communities and populations that experience health disparities or account for a disproportionate percentage of health care costs;

  3.  Identify current state and local efforts to advance population health and opportunities for improvement in each area;

  4.  Identify current health care delivery systems and payment methodologies in the state and opportunities for improvement in each area; and

  5.  Bring together public and private health care stakeholders to develop a model for systematically transforming the delivery of health care.


Background on CNMI’s Participation in SIM

The CNMI has named the project that will utilize the SIM grant funds the CNMI Health Transformation Project (CHTP). 

The CNMI has designed structures to ensure appropriate representation of private sector, CHTP partners, Federal partners, community stakeholders as well as the multiple state agencies and departments involved in the project.  Public-private collaboration and private sector involvement in developing deliverables under the project also will reinforce coordination between CHTP activities and activities occurring in the private sector.  We believe our project structure will allow us to:

  1.   Effectively and transparently coordinate across these initiatives;

  2.   Empower stakeholders and encourage participation in initiatives;

  3.  Incorporate meaningful input from stakeholders and inform the community at large; and

  4.  Provide clear direction and effective decision-making.

The SIM Executive Management Team, which includes individuals from the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation, Office of the Governor, Department of Commerce, and State Medicaid Program will provide the overall project direction.  The SIM Planning Team will provide management and coordination of the CHTP activities.  Stakeholder Groups and Working Groups broadly represent external stakeholders and relevant agencies and departments of state government and will advise the Planning Team on all aspects of the project.


Additional Information about Innovation Center and SIM Initiative

The vision of the CHTP is aligned with the national Triple Aim objectives; improving the patient experience of care; improving the health of the population; and reducing the per capita cost of healthcare.  In addition to these national goals, the CHTP seeks to improve access to care in the CNMI.  


Through board stakeholder engagement the CHTP envisions providers, health networks, and payers working cohesively on effective population health management.  Under SIM guidance and EMT leadership, Working Groups will develop plans to enhance service delivery, population health, payment models and health information technology in the CNMI health system.