Rota Health Center

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 Rota Health Center is an ambulatory satellite facility that runs under the auspices of the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation. The Health Center serves a population of 2,527 (Census 2010) people living on the island of Rota, which is located approximately 89 miles from Saipan by air.


The center operates through different sections:
  • Emergency Room 
  •  Outpatient Clinic
    • Pharmacy Services
    • Laboratory Services 
    • Radiology Services
  • Public Health Services
    • Birth Defects Surveillance, Intervention & Referral to Services Program
    • Immunization Program
    • Maternal Child Health Bureau
    • Non-Communicable Disease Bureau 
    • HIV/STD Program 
    • Chest Clinic 
  • Bureau of Environmental Health
  • Community Guidance Center (CGC)
  • Health & Vital Statistics Office (HVSO)
  • Womens Infant Children (WIC)


Rota Health Center is currently staffed with a total of Forty-one (41) personnel under the direction of the Resident Director Vanessa Quitugua.

(1) Emergency Medicine Physician;
(1) Internal Medicine Physician;
(3) Registered Nurse;
(2) License Practical Nurse;
(1) Certified Nursing Assistant;
(1) Pharmacy Technician;
(1) Pharmacy Assistant;
(2) X-ray Technician;
(1) Laboratory Technician;
(1) Phlebotomist;
(27) Administrative Support Staff; 


 Vanessa Hocog


Vanessa Quitugua, RHC Resident Director

 Gregory Kotheimer                                  

Dr. Gregory Kotheimer, Internal Medicine             Dr. Francois Claassens, Emergency Medicine

 For more information, contact the Rota Health Center at (670) 532-9461/62/63  Fax: (670) 532-0955