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Emergency Room is open 24-hours It is manned by (1) Registered nurses (1) LPN and (2) Nursing assistant.  The medical provider is on an on-call staus.

Radiologyis equipped with a x-ray machine and an ultrasound. It is manned by Two (2) Radiology Tech who is on-call 24/7.

Laboratory is capable of performing CLIA-PPMP tests such as Urinalysis, Spun Hematocrit, Pregnancy Test, Fecal Occult Blood, and Blood Sugar Accucheck. We are also performing CLIA-waived tests such as Comprehensive Metabolic Profile, Lipid Panel, Amylase, GGT, Glycohemoglobin, Uric Acid, and Rapid Influenza. For other laboratory tests, blood specimen is collected and sent to CHC Lab and is forwarded to DLS as necessary.

Pharmacy is practically stocked with almost everything that the center needs on its daily operation.  If however, the patient needs medicines that are not in stock, the pharmacy techs can assist the patient in ordering those medicines off-island.

In-Patient Services The center has 10 in patients Rooms to keep patients that can be managed by the attending medical provider and the nursing staff.  The decision to transfer or medivac the patient to GMH or CHCC (Saipan) lies on the discretion of the medical provider.  

Nursing Services are available 24 hours and covers the following service areas: Out-Patient clinic, Emergency Room, and In-Patient.  There are three (2) nurses and (2) nursing assistant every shift.

Out-Patient Services      The medical provider sees all kinds of cases during clinic hours which include well-baby clinic, OB-GYN cases, and pre-natal.  The nurses in the morning shift do the screening/triage and assist the medical provider during examination/treatments.

Visiting Physician Optometry, Dental, Dermatology, and Psychiatry Services are to be announced their schedule visit.

Medical Referral  The Center has one (1) medical referral staff who coordinates patient evacuation to the GMH or Commonwealth Health Center in Saipan. 

Public Health handles different programs like:

    • Immunization program
    • Alien Health Screening program
    • Food Handler’s Certification
    • Tobacco Cessation program
    • Chest Clinic
    • Children’s Developmental Assistance Center
    • Family Planning
    • Breast & Cervical Cancer Prevention
    • Diabetes Prevention
    • STD/HIV prevention
    • Teen Clinic
    • Home bound (Home Visits)
    • Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program
    • Project Brabu

Ambulance Service

The EMS/Fire/and the Department of Public Safety is across the center and ready to respond to any 911 call.