Request for Proposal

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Please click on the RFP# and complete the required fields on the form. Note: Be advised that the RFP file will be automatically downloaded to your computer/device once you have submitted the form; this may take a few minutes. 

RFP# Description End Date
RFP19-CHCC-GSS-015  Pest Control Services  07/24/2019
RFP19-CHCC-CGC-CCP-017  Crisis Counseling Program  07/23/2019
RFP19CHC/CGC-SOC-019  Evaluation Services  08/09/2019
RFP19CHCC-REVENUECYCLE/NURSING-020  Oncology Services 08/21/2019
RFP19-CHCC-CGC-021 1st Floor Renovations 09/09/2019
ITB19-CHCC/IT-MIHI-002 IT Equipment 09/06/2019
RFP19-CHCC-CGC-SOC-023 Wrap Around Assessment 09/20/2019
ITB19-CHCC/DENTAL-001 Dental Vanssss 10/01/2019 
ITB19-CHCC/ELC-003 Lease Vehicle 10/18/19 
ITB19-CHCC/IT-BEH-004 IT Equipment 10/21/19 
RFP19-CHCC/CGC-SOC-023 Wrap Around Assessment  10/28/19
RFP19-CHCC-OUTPATIENT PHARMACY-022 Medical Supplies Shipping 10/28/19
 ITB20-CHCC/HIVSTD-001 Vehicle Procurement 11/15/19
ITB20-CHCC/CGC/HTP-01 Office Vehicle Procurement 11/01/2019
ITB20-CHCC/ELC/BEH-001 Laboratory Unit Improvement  11/20/2019
RFP20-CHCC/CGC/HTP-01 Office Space Lease 11/01/2019
RFP20-CHCC/CGC/HTP-002 Healthy Transitions Program Evaluator  11/01/2019
RFP20-CHCC/MSO-01 General Medical Supplies & Housekeeping Supplies 12/05/2019