“To achieve optimal health and well-being for the people of the CNMI through health promotion, health protection and prevention of diseases in close partnership with the community,” is the Division of Public Health Services Mission Statement. It is paramount for the Division to strive for excellence in improving health outcomes of the people of the Commonwealth by shaping evidence-base health policies and by focusing efforts in attaining a functional and effective Public Health system to meet national Public Health accreditation standards. 

Equally vital, With the leadership of the Director of Public Health Services Roxanne P. Diaz and the management team of Public Health, the Division is taking steps in establishing a system aimed towards quality, accountability and efficiency by increasing the Division of Public Health Services’ readiness efforts in meeting national Public Health Accreditation Board standards and aims to formally apply for accreditation in the fall of 2014.  Aside from the efforts towards accreditation, four key infrastructure and systemic initiatives Director Diaz continues to work with her team on this fiscal year are:

 1) Improving the financial sustainability of the Division by identifying appropriate revenue generating and cost-cutting measures

2) Improving the Health Information Management System of Division in order to improve health data collection, monitoring and reporting

 3) Establishing a Public Health Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement System to systematically address inefficiencies and waste in our operations

 4) Aligning the Divisions efforts to better support the goal to prevent and control the burden of non-communicable disease in the CNMI. 

The Division of Public Health Services is made-up of five (5) bureaus, over twenty (20) programs and services, approximately 109 employees in Saipan, Rota and Tinian and is primarily funded by federal grants from the Department of Health & Human Services.  In line with the mission to work in partnership with the community, the Division continues to strive to mobilize community partnership and empower the community to “choose health” and empower that sense of ownership to improving the health of our people here in the Commonwealth. It is this change that the Division strives for aside from the technical work in building and improving the public health system. 

In a time of limited resources and the inevitable realities of budget cuts due to sequestration and the financial constraints of the Corporation, “doing more with less” and leveraging resources is no stranger to the staff and management of Public Health. In such a dire time, more so than ever, engaging the people of the Commonwealth to join us in our mission to improve the health of our people is vital. As stated by Director Diaz.  “We all play a part in improving the lives of our people and making Public Health everyone’s business is the ultimate goal.”

The Division of Public Health urges everyone in the community to get involved and advocate for better health.

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