State Systems Development Initiative (SSDI) Program

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The CNMI Systems Development and Training Initiative Project is funded under the State Systems Development Initiative (SSDI) federal grant. SSDI was launched in 1993 to complement the Title V Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Block Grant Program and to combine the efforts of State MCH and Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) Agencies.

Project goals comprise of the following:

Goal 1: Enhance existing data systems and develop new ones to ensure efficient and data collection for Title V MCH Program planning and evaluation.

Goal 2: Enhance MCH Program operational capacity to exchange data accurately, effectively, securely, and consistently by establishing linkages between birth records and CNMI WIC Program, Medicaid, and newborn screening files by November 2016.

Goal 3: Establish or improve access to surveys and other state surveillance systems with a specific focus to define, coordinate, and integrate systems of care through surveillance that support and assist to improve health of mothers and newborns.

Goal 4: Initiate the development of a life course performance metrics that will assist in measuring CNMI MCH Program’s progress in incorporating life course principles into their policy development, strategic and operational planning, and program evaluation.

Goal 5: Expand knowledge of SSDI Project and MCH Program through improved coordination and planning with state/national agencies to enhance data delivery method (s) and focus on areas requiring improvement for better data quality and policy developments.

For more information on the Systems Development and Training Initiative Project, please contact the MCHB Administrator, Heather Pangelinan at 664-8700.