Bureau of Environmental Health (BEH)

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The Bureau of Environmental Health’s (BEH) goal is to ensure the protection of the general public and consumers against adverse effects that may result from hazardous environmental health and unsanitary conditions.

BEH is one of the government agencies who is solely responsible for the issuance of a Food Handler Certificate and a Sanitary Permit for establishments to be in full compliance with Public Health requirements; a Rating Placard and Food Handler Certificate.  And, issuance of a Ship Sanitation Certificate.

The Food Handler Seminar is being conducted on a weekly basis to ensure food handlers do understand the concepts of proper hygiene and food safety issues.  This is one of the mandates that require employer and employee to comply before given clearance to work in an eating or drinking establishments.

BEH continues to work in collaboration with other government agencies and or private sectors enforcing rules and regulations pertaining to public health.

Services provided by BEH:

  • Inspections bi-annual and or on annual basis at all regulated establishments, such as restaurants, night clubs, roadside vendors, retail/wholesales, catering, BBQ Stands, room accommodation (apartment/room rental, hotel), public or private schools etc. . . and does entertain complaints on unregulated dwellings such as  private residential , commercial buildings and government facility(ies).
  • Educating private dwellings on prevention and elimination of harborage area for vector borne such as rodents and mosquito and inspection of potential port of entries into CNMI via vessel clearance.
  • Recalling of affected imported and or locally grown/manufactured products.
  • Inspection of Vessel’s from foreign countries. 
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Reqirements and Informational Guides:

Laws and Regulations:

To begin the inquire services from BEH, simply download the appropriate form below and take it with you to your next visit: 

We are currently staffed with the following professionals:

        Environmental Health Officer: John Tagabuel

        Environmental Health Inspector I: Lily Kapileo

        Environmental Health Inspector I: David B. Cepeda

Administrative Specialist/Customer Service: Rita Sablan

Environmental Health Trainee II: Fred Pangelinan and Lau Laniyo

Environmental Health Technician II: Mel Ngiramelil

Environmental Health Technician III: Perry Sablan



 For more information on the Bureau of Environmental Health, please contact us by phone at (670) 664-4870/73 or by fax at (670) 664-4871.