Psychiatry Unit

Our CHCC’s Inpatient Psychiatry Unit is the only Psychiatry Unit in the Northern Mariana Islands. Our unit provides inpatient care for the mentally ill and patients with behavioral problems requiring hospitalization. Our unit is operating on an eight bed capacity and two secured rooms. Patients that require medical treatment will be admitted to Medical or Surgical Unit and transferred to the Psychiatry Unit if needed only when requested by a physician. Adolescents requiring psychiatry treatment and hospitalization will be admitted to Pediatric Unit, while care will be provided by Psychiatry nurses.

Our Psychiatry Unit provide care for Acute and Chronic Psychiatric Illnesses including: Schizophrenia, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Personality Disorder, Epilepsy/Seizure Disorder etc, and also others such as Drug Abuse/Dependence/Overdose, Suicidal Attempt/Ideation, Alcoholic on detox., Violence Victims suffering Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, Social and Situational Problems that triggers Depression/ Suicidality, Drug Induced Psychosis, Suicidal and Homicidal cases etc.

This locked unit has an extremely dedicated staff and Psychiatrist that provide for patients needing the psychiatric professional services offered here around the clock.


Dorothy Chyung, MD

Psychiatry Nurse Supervisor - Junior

Jocelyn Oblea, RN

Registered Nurses

Bryan Balboa, Felisa Legaspi, Joung Min Kim, Joshua Tanghal, Renato Espanola, Susan Tudor

Licensed Practical Nurses

Ernest Javier, Lydia Cruz

Certified Psychiatry Technician

Kristopher Laserna

Certified Nurse Assistant

Marcy Lynn Somorang


Hours of Operation: 24hr Coverage

Contact Person: Jocelyn Oblea, RN

Phone:  234-8950 ext. 2500

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