Emergency Department

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Our CHCC Emergency Department staff is comprised of highly trained nurses, physicians, and physician assistants, who provide competent emergency, episodic, and trauma care to the residents and visitors of Saipan, Tinian, and Rota. Emergency care is provided to all who seek services regardless of age, sex, disability, religious beliefs, political beliefs, cultural background, educational levels, national origin or ability to pay.

In the CHCC Emergency Department, a team of board-certified doctors, registered nurses, and other specially trained staff are available at all  times to treat anyone seeking emergency medical care. Our services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are currently 16 nurses (14 RN’s, 1 LPN and 1 CNA), 5 physicians, 4 rotating physician assistants and 1 nurse practitioner providing services to the community. Everyone can access the services of the emergency department, although persons with non-emergent care needs are encouraged to seek evaluation and treatment through the outpatient clinics as needed. 

Our CHCC Emergency Department door entryway is reserved primarily for patients arriving by ambulance. However, if a patient arrives at the ambulance bay by vehicle, a nurse from the department will meet them at the door to assist them in accessing the services.

Our emergency department is also the initial point of contact to respond to community disasters or emergencies. Our Emergency Department physicians, in the absence of an Incident Commander, make the decision to activate a disaster response.

Our CHCC Emergency Department has been designed to enhance every aspect of patient-centered care experience. The clinical area features the latest technologies in health care to complement our world-class emergency physicians, nurses and other health care providers.

Emergency Medicine Physicians

Martin Rohringer, MD                                     Carlo Canepa, MD                         

Jeremy Seelinger-Devey, MD                          Nicholas Villalon, MD

Rodney Klassen, MD

Physician Assistants

Alexander Johanson, Christopher Jensen, David Knabel, Keith Longuski

Nurse Practitioner

Shawna Brennfleck

Emergency Room Nursing Supervisor (Junior)

Ronillo Alkuino, RN

Registered Nurses

Cherry Panem, Elsie Ringor, Elvira Lizardo, Evangeline Okekeh, Gilbert Fauni, Grahambert Rubio, Irish Cruz, Josephine Orcia, Leo Valeros, Lourdes Mike, Ma. Cristina Rodriguez, Ma. Noemi Balingit, Marina Butterfield

Licensed Practical Nurse

Alma Mesa

Certified Nurse Assistant

Cherry Cope


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 Hours of Operation: 24hr Coverage

Contact Person & Number: Ronillo Alkuino (670) 234-8950 ext. 2360 / 2384