Our Medical Laboratory is a very important and integral part of any hospital or clinic. Why do we need a laboratory? Because, in addition to your history and physical examination by your physician, laboratory testing gives them additional assurance in determining your overall health status. This fact enables your physician to determine if there is an illness or disease and to apply the appropriate treatment So , therefore, we are committed to using and documenting of quality systems to assure the best outcome when performing test for patient diagnoses.What are some of the test? Your physician may order something as simple as  a "CBC" test. This  is a complete blood count. Reporting the volume and quality of blood in your body is essential to good health. A simple urinalysis which screens the urine for any abnormal components or disease indicators is also very important for your physician to know about you. Other and sometimes more complex testing can be obtained from other laboratory disciplines as microbiology, virology, blood chemistry, serology, hematology, parasitology, immunohematology and many more.
Our staff of Clinical Lab professionals are accountable for the quality and integrity of each and every specimen received in the laboratory. Each staff member maintains  a high standard of practise in performing and evaluating your test. Here at CHC / CNMI , the lab is dedicated  and committed in ensuring safe, reliable and cost-effective laboratory services to our community and to the better health of Greater Saipan.

Director of Laboratory 

Philip Dauterman, MD 

Clinical Laboratory Scientist 

Genevieve Gono, Christopher Boone

Clinical Laboratory Technician

Gladys Moral, Joanne Makin, Juan Duenas, Nancy Chua, Noel Biglete, Pawlenneann Batuigas, Rueben Valenzuela, Sherine Corotan, Wilma Moran


Ricardo Kaipat – Lead, Dan Paulo Bigalbal, Editha Welle, Elaijah Nekaifes, Ma. Felicitas Camacho, Mark Reyes, Russ Alvarez, Sandy Leon Guerrero

Lab pic 2016 

Hours of operation given as:

For outpatient services: Weekdays, 7:30am to 4:30pm | Closed on all holidays and weekends

For inpatient services: The Laboratory is open 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Contact Person: Dr. Philip Dauterman

Phone: (670) 234-8950 ext. 2314/2315/2319

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