Community Guidance Center

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The Community Guidance Center is the primary provider of mental health and substance abuse services for all individuals residing in the CNMI. It incorporates all outpatient mental health services and administers all Federal health programs in the CNMI related to mental health and substance abuse, as well as all other publicly funded mental health services. Through collaboration and establishing interdependent relationships with other system providers, the Community Guidance Center is committed to providing high quality mental health and substance abuse treatment and other therapeutic services to the multi-diverse population of the CNMI, as well support services to families and friends, community outreach, prevention and education services, and referral assistance to other community resources.

It is the vision of the Community Guidance Center to ensure that every individual who has made the CNMI their home may be able to live and interact with each other in a community that is not only nurturing to its spiritual growth, psychological balance, emotional stability, and physical well-being, but at the same time fostering the development and maintenance of a cooperative and harmonious society.