Substance Abuse Treatment Services

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Community Guidance Services & Outpatient Treatment Services include:


Intake Assessment

Substance Abuse/Addictions Assessment

Case Management

 Crisis Intervention


Individualized Treatment Planning

Discharge Planning

Individual and Group Counseling

Connection to Recovery Community

 Substance Abuse Prevention and Recovery Coalition

12 Step Fellowship

Connection to Recovery Meetings (12 Step Program)

Most Referrals received are from

 ·         Community 

 ·         Public School System

 ·         Office of Adult Probation

 ·         Juvenile Probation Unit

 ·         Board of Parole


Substance Abuse Services are FREE of charge to anyone who passes the initial screening.

Any referrals to Emergency Room or CHCC Psychiatrist requires fee for service.

Alcohol & Drug Counselors:

Herbert Sablan, BSW, CSAC II, ICADC

Edward DLC. Camacho, AA, PIR, A&DC

For more information, please call (670) 323-4060/4063


L-R: Henry DLC. Cabrera – Substance Abuse Technician II | Herbert J. Sablan- Alcohol and Drug Counselor| Edward DLC. Camacho- Alcohol and Drug Counselor| Frank R. Olopai, Jr. - Substance Abuse Technician