Project Brabu

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Project Brabu focuses on the management of sub grant opportunities to community prevention providers, aimed at addressing one or both of identified priorities:  1) Underage Drinking and 2) Drinking and Driving.  Project Brabu is also involved with strengthening State Prevention Infrastructure and Community Prevention Programs through workforce development and training and technical assistance opportunities, as well as community outreach and education through substance abuse prevention presentations and exhibits.  Community members/organizations are able to request for substance abuse prevention presentations and or training by contacting program staff at least two weeks in advance for proper planning and preparation.  Crucial to the foundation of Project Brabu is the strengthening of data systems (collection, monitoring, reporting, dissemination) through the CNMI State Epidemiological Workgroup (SEW), led by the Project Brabu Lead Epidemiology Coordinator and comprised of key stakeholders and partners involved with substance abuse, Behavioral Health, and Public Health data systems.  A subcommittee of the SEW, the Evidence-based Intervention (EBI) Workgroup provides the role of reviewing, documenting, and making recommendations to the Project Brabu sub grantees with regards to evidence-based practices and programs.  Project Brabu’s leadership is guided by the collaborative, diverse, and endowed expertise of the Advisory Council, appointed by the CNMI Governor. 

The SPF SPE serves as an enhancement piece to Project Brabu and is focused on community-based outreach and interaction to focus on the development of a comprehensive substance abuse prevention strategic plan.  The SPF SPE coordinated seven (7) District Meetings – five (5) on Saipan and one each on Tinian and Rota – to provide qualitative substance use and abuse data for each island and the CNMI and discuss collaborative strategies to address the alarming rates of substance use and abuse on each island and as the CNMI.  A formal Strategic Plan has been developed and submitted to the SAMHSA.  Three community outreach conferences have been planned for each island to share with each community the goals, objectives, strategies, and intended outcomes that were derived from each District meeting into the Strategic Plan.  An additional key component to the SPF SPE involves the development of the Prevention Workforce, to include State and Community Prevention Training and Technical Assistance (T/TA), in order to enhance professional growth and knowledge in the area of substance abuse prevention and Behavioral Health. 

Project Brabu Staff:

Ricky Itibus- Synar Coordinator/Substance Abuse Prevention Technician

Glenn Manglona- Statistics Specialist/Lead Epidemiology Coordinator

Jesse Aguon- Data Manager

Frances Pangelinan- Finance Manager

Jeanette Saures- Accounting Technician

Joanna Abraham- Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist

Tiara Evangelista- Project Brabu Coordinator

Avery Hocog- Prevention Coordinator (Rota)

Keith Nabors- Prevention Coordinator (Tinian)

Rica Dela Cruz- Social Marketing Officer

James Arriola- Project Evaluator

Reyna Saures- Prevention Services Manager/Project Director

For more information call (670) 323-6590