Transitional Living Center

The Transitional Living Center is located on Navy Hill that offers a variety of Mental Health programs and services (listed below).

Day Treatment Program:

  • Goal oriented, integrated program of activities directed towards assisting clients with severe mental illness to function at the highest possible level of independence.
  • Program activities are based on each client's individual needs identified from multidisciplinary assessment completed prior to each client entering the program.
  • Activities are coordinated mix of cognitive, behavioral, social and psycho-educational modalities.

Case Management:

  • To assist people with mental illness to achieve independence to the greatest extend and to make their own decisions.
  • To facilitate access to a full range of mental health services and/or other resources which assist clients to set and realize personal goals and to acquire the skills and resources needed to be successful in the living, learning, working and social settings of their choice.

Outreach Services:

  • Home visits to clients to monitor their well-being and ensure that they are able to have their basic needs met.
  • Assist clients to obtain needed services.

Family Support/Educational Services:

  • Family gatherings are held to promote family involvement in consumers' treatment plan.
  • Provide opportunity for consumers' natural support to ask questiions and expand their knowledge on mental illness and other related mental information.

Illness Management & Recovery Training

  • Education about illness and medication
  • Symptom Management
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Coping Skills and Recovery Strategies

Medication Management:

  • Understanding the importance of taking medication.
  • Learning medication's action, side-effects, dosages and practicing how to re-fill medi-sets with the supervision of the nurse.

Anger Management:

  • Helps individuals on managing their temper.
  • Services are free of charge.


L-R: Evelyn S. Tenorio - Case Manager/Program Coordinator|Tom I. Duenas - Mental Health Community Worker|Joy De Luna - Registered Nurse|Lou Olopai - Nursing Assistant


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