Suicide Prevention and Awareness Task Force

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The CNMI Suicide Prevention and Awareness Taskforce, is organized with the purpose to promote support, education and awareness in regards to contributing factors to suicide, suicide prevention and mitigation, resource and crisis triage, anti-stigma support and recovery and maintenance for survivors and families of suicide.

Vision: To reduce ignorance about suicide, increase awareness and education of suicide ideation and attempts, provide culturally competent support and resource referral to individuals and families, research and assist in understanding root causes of suicide through history and culture of place and be a leader in the collaborative healing process of the bereaved by suicide.

An active working group of concerned:

  • affected residents
  • community affiliations
  • health care providers
  • schools and educators
  • faith-based representatives
  • law enforcement
  • criminal justice agencies
  • cultural groups and associations

For more information or to join the Task Force, call (670) 323 - 6590