Substance Abuse Prevention and Recovery Coalition (SAPARC)

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Mission: To reduce the economic and social impact of substance abuse within the CNMI community.

Vision: To support of policies, programs, and practices that will produce measurable decrease in the incidence of substance abuse initiation and rehabilitate individuals and their families who have already been affected by substance abuse.


  • Prevent initiation of substance use among children, youth, and adults
  • Reduce substance use among community members already using substances

Board of Directors:

Mr. Clyde Norita, Chairman

Sgt. Jose Saures, Vice Chairman

Mrs. Charlene Babauta, Secretary

Mr. Vincent Camacho, Treasurer

Mr. Herbert Sablan, Ex-officio (Treatment)

Ms. Joanna Abraham, Ex-officio (Prevention)

For more information or to join the Coalition, call (670) 323 - 6590