Information and Communications Technology


Our mission is to provide reliable and sustainable technology services. We are committed to meeting the needs of all staff by equipping and supporting the corporation with quality resources in technology. We are constantly seeking to improve and implement appropriate hardware and software for the benefit of the corporation. We are always striving to enhance all aspects of technology through training, learning, and service. We wish to use technology to develop and enrich the abilities of our end users.

The Office of Information Technology will provide the highest quality technology-based services, in the most cost-effective manner, to facilitate the mission as it applies to the management, training, support and development, of the corporation.

Provide effective technology support and services to all areas of the hospital, remote clinics, administration, and public health facilities. Facilitate the effective integration of technology into the basic mission of the corporation through planning, programming, training, consulting, and other support activities. Develop, enhance, and manage the enterprise networks to provide functional secure connectivity among all information resources. Promote new uses of information technology within the corporation through the support for exploratory and innovative applications. Provide leadership for effective strategic and tactical planning in the use of technology. Provide fast & reliable access to all information systems as possible. As a computing support organization, IT will be known for its technical skills and its partnerships with stakeholders to create and deliver high-quality services.


Information and Communications Techonology Staff:

Anthony Reyes - Director of IT
Bel Busby - Programmer
Michael Calibo - Network Administrator
Joe Quitugua - Comptuer Specialist I
Karl Neighbors - Computer Operator III
Edmund Barcinas - Computer Operator III
Daisy Cabrera - EHR Specialist I
Kim Hipolito - EHR Specialist I
Nathan Guerrero - EHR Specialist I

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