Hospital & Public Health Preparedness Program

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The Public Health and Hospital Emergency Preparedness Program comprises of six full time employees.  Although a small unit; the PHEPP/HEPP team collaborates with both government and non-government partners in the event of all hazards or any man-made/natural disasters.  

The CHCC Public Health and Hospital Emergency Preparedness Program officially started participating in the local emergency planning process in 2002.  PHEPP/HEPP’s role is to support and enhance response and responders’ capabilities through drills, exercises, participation in community outreach activities, and response to real events by collaborating and partnership with other government and non-government agencies on a quarterly, bi-annual and annual basis.

CHCC PHEPP/HEPP Cooperative Agreement is to provide assistance to state, local, and territories/freely associated state health departments in demonstrating measurable and sustainable progress toward achieving the Fifteen (15) Public Health Preparedness Capabilities and Eight (8) Hospital Preparedness Capabilities and other activities that promote safer and more resilient communities.

The Center of Disease Control’s (CDC), coordinated effort of the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) of the CNMI’s activation process in the event of an emergency or disaster, the Director of PHEPP/HEPP, Warren Villagomez is the Coordinator and contact person, in collaboration and support of our Federal Partners, Region IX REC, HHS, CDC, local/state government responders and the CHCC Immunization Program.

In addition, CHCC Public Health and Hospital Emergency Preparedness Program participates in community related events, cultural festivities, public and private school events to promote outreach and awareness for the following:

Emergency Preparedness- Provide the community with information on creating and implementing a family emergency plan, what to do in an event of a threat of pandemic influenza, provide guidance on where to go or obtain assistance in the event of a disaster or any public health or hospital emergency.

Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) -The CNMI Medical Reserve Corps Unit in Saipan was officially established in February 2, 2012.  It started out from 7 members of which all were from the PHEPP and HPP Programs and to date we have recruited a total of 165 volunteers both medical and non-medical professionals. The MRC provides the structure necessary to pre-identify, credential, train, and activate medical and public health volunteers.   

The CHCC Public Health and Hospital Emergency Preparedness Program’s major partners include: the Office of Homeland Security, Department of Public Safety/EMS, Commonwealth Utilities Corporation, Commonwealth Ports Authority,Public Works, Department of Lands and Natural Resources, Department of Environmental Quality, Mayor's Offices of Saipan, Tinian, and Rota, the Public School System and Non-Government Agency partners such as the NMI Chapter Red Cross, Karidat, and all Private Health Clinics.


Warren F. Villagomez- Director

Corazon P. Ada- Coordinator

Rosita S. Waldron- Surveillance Coordinator

Sheena F. Maratita- Administrative Officer

Maggie M. Masga- Administrative Support

Office Hours are from Monday through Friday beginning at 7:30am-4-30pm.  All PHEPP/HEPP staff are on call 24 hours on a daily basis for any Public Health and/or Hospital emergency response.