Chief Executive Officer

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Esther Muna

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation (CHCC) manages the daily operations of the hospital and its entities. The CEO works directly with the board of directors to institute strategic planning for the CHCC.

CHCC's CEO is responsible for attaining and maintaining patient care, safety, education and community service goals. Also, the CEO ensures the CHCC's objectives are met through the process of selection, development, organization, motivation, management, evaluation and the promotion of human resources.

The fiscal aspect of the Corporation is also regulated by the CEO, who maintains financial stability by promoting services produced in a cost-effective manner. This includes procuring cost-efficient products and services for the CHCC. In this way the CEO achieves and maintains the financial health of the Corporation.


The CEO maintains overall compliance with government regulations set out for the Corporation and its staff. This means being in accord with all regulatory agencies and accrediting bodies to the Corporation. In an effort to complete this duty, the CEO monitors the organization’s service and delivery system at all times to ensure optimal operation.